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Brick wall repair Durham NC

Brick Repair Durham NC

Expert Brick Repair & Restoration Services

At Durham Masonry Contractors, craftsmanship meets longevity when it comes to brick repair and restoration. With a proud legacy, we have years of experience in the meticulous art of brick repair + tuckpointing, breathing new life into structures with our expertise and passion. As specialists in the field, we understand the significance of preserving the timeless charm of brickwork while ensuring structural integrity. Our seasoned team of masons brings a wealth of experience to every project, seamlessly blending traditional techniques with modern solutions to deliver unparalleled results. We take pride in not just repairing bricks but in reviving the character and durability that make them a cornerstone of architectural excellence in homes and buildings.

Brick Repair, Restoration and Tuckpointing Overview

Brick and Mortar Matching

When fixing and restoring brick walls and structures, we pay close attention to matching the mortar—the stuff between the bricks. Our local masonry team is careful about choosing the right kind of mortar to make sure it looks just like the original. It doesn't matter if it's an old building or a new one; we want the repaired parts to blend in seamlessly. Our team is great at finding bricks that are really similar to the ones you already have. We've been able to find the perfect match for most projects, making sure they fit well with the current structure. Even if the exact bricks aren't available from the manufacturer, we still find the best and closest match. You can trust that we use the same top-notch materials in our masonry and repair work. So, when you trust us with your brick masonry repair, you're not just getting sturdy fixes; you're getting a careful eye for making everything look good together.

Top Choice for Your Next Brick Restoration Project

When you choose to work with us for your brick needs, you're choosing expertise that speaks through our work. Our dedicated team excels in brick repair, restoration, and tuckpointing, bringing a blend of skill and care to every project. We not only fix what's broken but revive the character of your bricks, making them seamlessly integrate with their surroundings. With us, it's not just about repairing; it's about preserving the charm and strength of your structure or home. Trust our experienced hands for dependable, quality craftsmanship that stands the test of time, ensuring your bricks look great and stay sturdy for years to come.

Brick Repair Services

  • Cracked Brick Restoration: Address cracked bricks to enhance structural integrity and visual appeal.

  • Tuckpointing Services: Replace and repair mortar joints to prevent water damage and maintain the stability of the structure.

  • Chimney Repair: Comprehensive repair of chimneys, including mortar and brick replacement, ensuring safety and functionality.

  • Brick Wall Reconstruction: Rebuild damaged or deteriorating brick walls to restore both aesthetics and strength.

  • Foundation Repair: Fix any brick-related issues in the foundation to prevent further structural damage.

  • Weathered Façade Restoration: Restore the exterior façade of buildings affected by weathering and erosion.

  • Historical Brick Preservation: Preserve and restore historical brickwork and maintain the authenticity of historical structures.

  • Walkway and Patio Repairs: Fix broken or uneven bricks in walkways and patios which ensures safety and a pleasing look.

  • Waterproofing Services: Apply protective measures and prevent water damage to bricks, mortar and the interior of the structure.

  • Color Matching: We seamlessly match new bricks to the existing color scheme.

  • Crumbled Mortar Repair: Attend to deteriorating mortar to prevent further decay and maintain structural stability.

  • Expansion Joint Repair: Address issues with expansion joints to prevent potential damage caused by movement.

  • Commercial Brick Maintenance: Ongoing maintenance services for commercial buildings to ensure the longevity of brickwork.

  • Window Sill and Lintel Repair: Repair/replace damaged brick components around windows for both structural and aesthetic purposes.

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Durham Masonry Contractors repaired a brick crack on the exterior of our home and we're happy with the way it turned out. Based the finished product it's clear they're experienced masons with excellent craftsmanship.

Steve Hurns

Valued Customer

Our new retaining wall looks amazing! We now have privacy on our walkout backyard patio and we are really happy and impressed with their attention to detail on this sizable project.

Thanks Again!

Ava Chandler

Valued Customer

If you're looking for an expert mason, I highly recommend Durham Masonry Contractors. They were easy to work with and they exceeded my expectations with their quality of work on my outdoor kitchen. 5 stars.

James Tillman

Valued Customer

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