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Brick Masonry Durham NC

Expert Brick Installation Services

At Durham Masonry Contractors, where we're all about making brick structures last and look great. With a strong history, we know a lot about fixing and installing bricks with care. Our team of masons understand how important it is to keep the classic charm of bricks while making sure they are laid to last. Every project gets the attention of our experienced crew, mixing old-school ways with new ideas for awesome results. We're not just installing bricks; we're making sure they keep their charm and toughness, becoming the heart of great homes and buildings.

Brick Masonry Overview

The Advantages of Brick

Choosing brick for your home or building needs comes with a host of advantages that stand the test of time. At Durham Masonry Contractors, we believe in the enduring strength and aesthetic appeal of brick. Bricks offer unparalleled durability, providing structures with a solid foundation that withstands the elements for generations. Beyond their robust nature, bricks also contribute to energy efficiency by offering excellent insulation, keeping spaces cool in summer and warm in winter. The versatility of brick allows for a wide range of design possibilities, enhancing the visual appeal of any project. With minimal maintenance requirements, bricks ensure a long-lasting, low-cost investment. Opting for brick in your construction not only guarantees structural integrity but also adds timeless charm and value to your buildings. Let us show you how brick construction can bring unmatched reliability and timeless elegance to your home or business today.

A Heritage of Bricklaying Excellence

Our masons have a long heritage and history of bricklaying excellence. Steeped in craftsmanship, our skilled artisans have perfected the art of bricklaying over the years. We bring a legacy of precision, durability, and unwavering commitment to every brick we lay. Our heritage speaks volumes about the quality and expertise we bring to each project, from intricate designs to sturdy structures. We've installed brick on many of the structures you see in Durham, NC, and our tradition of excellence continues to shape the landscape of masonry in North Carolina, ensuring that every brick is not just laid but crafted with a legacy of skill, passion, and enduring quality. Drop us a line today to learn more!

Brick Masonry Projects

  • Wall Construction: Build new walls using bricks for both structural and decorative purposes.

  • Fireplace Design and Installation: Craft custom fireplaces with intricate brickwork for homes or commercial spaces.

  • Patio and Walkway Construction: Create inviting outdoor spaces with beautifully laid brick patios and walkways.

  • Archway Construction: Incorporate stylish and sturdy brick archways for architectural distinction.

  • Retaining Wall Installation: Design and install retaining walls for landscaping, to prevent erosion, and structural support.

  • Brick Column Construction: Construct decorative and functional brick columns for various applications.

  • Steps and Staircases: Build durable and aesthetically pleasing brick steps and staircases for homes and businesses.

  • Custom Brickwork: Tailored brick solutions for unique design preferences and projects.

  • Planters and Borders: Garden features and borders using bricks for a cohesive outdoor landscape.

  • Commercial Brickwork: Meeting the masonry needs of commercial buildings, including storefronts and façades.

  • Architectural Accents: Intricate brick details as architectural accents to enhance building aesthetics.

  • Paver Driveways: Durable and visually appealing driveways surfaces.

  • Interior Accent Walls: Add character to the interior of homes, businesses and commercial spaces.

  • Brick Veneer Installation: Apply thin layers of brick veneer to surfaces for a classic look without the full weight of traditional bricks.

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Durham Masonry Contractors repaired a brick crack on the exterior of our home and we're happy with the way it turned out. Based the finished product it's clear they're experienced masons with excellent craftsmanship.

Steve Hurns

Valued Customer

Our new retaining wall looks amazing! We now have privacy on our walkout backyard patio and we are really happy and impressed with their attention to detail on this sizable project.

Thanks Again!

Ava Chandler

Valued Customer

If you're looking for an expert mason, I highly recommend Durham Masonry Contractors. They were easy to work with and they exceeded my expectations with their quality of work on my outdoor kitchen. 5 stars.

James Tillman

Valued Customer

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At Durham Masonry Contractors, we take pride in exceeding our customers' expectations with top-quality work at reasonable prices. We have over 25 years of experience in both residential and commercial masonry and customer satisfaction is our top priority. Drop us a line today for a free quote!

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